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Watermaster is composed of a nine-member board, with each member serving a one-year term. Six members are elected by water producers directly, two members are appointed by the Board of Directors of the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, and one member is appointed by the Board of Directors of the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District.

Several committees are formed out of the board membership and may also include advisory members who are not board members.


Watermaster retains a staff of eight employees, headed by an Executive Officer, to conduct day-to-day business and technical activities. Watermaster also engages the services of consultants to undertake special projects and to perform certain ongoing technical tasks.

Board Members

Following is a list of Watermaster Board members for 2023:



Following is a list of Watermaster committees and their members as of February 2023.  Those members whose names are followed by (A) are advisory members.

  • Administrative Committee

    • Marty Zvirbulis, Chairman

    • Lynda Noriega

    • David De Jesus

    • David Michalko

    • Paul Cranmer (A) 

    • Greg Galindo (A)

    • Ben Lewis. (A)

    • Jose Martinez (A)

    • Jim Prior. (A)

  • Basin Water Management Committee

    • David Michalko, Chairman.

    • Marty Zvirbulis.

    • David De Jesus

    • Anthony Fellow.

    • Paul Cranmer (A)

    • Greg Galindo. (A)

    • Ben Lewis. (A)

    • Jessica Taylor (A)

    • H. Nguyen (A)

    • Lynda Noriega. (A)

    • Chisom Obegolu. (A)

    • Jim Prior. (A)

  • Finance Committee

    • Anteneh Tesfaye, Chairman.

    • Marty Zvirbulis.

    • Jennifer Santana.

    • Ben Lewis.

    • Jim Prior. (A)

    • Greg Galindo. (A)

    • David Michalko. (A)

    • Lynda Noriega. (A)

    • Paul DiMaggio (A)

*In addition, ad hoc committees may be formed from time to time. 

Staff Members

Following is a list of Watermaster Staff members


  • Tony Zampiello, Executive Officer

  • Kelly Gardner, Assistant Executive Officer

  • Lupe Artis, Controller

  • Arrica Jimenez, Administration Manager

  • Ana Mata, Executive Assistant

  • Lauren Augino, Water Resources Analyst II

  • Ana Rodriguez, Accountant II


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